Project 7 Kick Off!!!

The excitement of Project 7 is in the air as the response are starting to come in, today’s total is $1,103.77!!! It’s amazing to see how the number 7 popped up. We had a faithful husband and wife commit to $777.77!!!

Please pray in earnest for the success of Project 7, remember, I was only asking you for a one time gift of $7.00 or monthly commitment of any amount with the number 7 in it.

Please pray that these needs be meet to help us build WaterBrooks:

1 – new John Deere Gator yellow seats for our Gator, the cost is about $200 for both.

Our worn out seats

2 – Professional wood chipper that cost $5,000 new. This will save a lot of time and energy as well as help to beautify under the trees and along the paths. Pray that someone has a used one that they don’t need anymore and will donate the chipper to the ministry.

an example of a wood chipper

We desperately need both to be used this spring as we begin to break ground for the Manna House. Many, many thanks for your prayers for the success of Project 7 and your support to make it successful!!

May the golden splendor of God rays shine upon you this fall,

Sue and Deb

Faithful Women of WaterBrooks

Devotional Thoughts By Sue Thomas

Sue Thomas Ministries View All →

We seek to be a vessel, an outpouring of God’s love, to bring the good news to the afflicted, to bind up the broken hearted, to set the captive free, to comfort those who mourn, and to bring the oil of gladness and the mantle of praise to all that we meet and serve.

We undertake our mission through our outreach of ministering to the spirit, mind, and body, whether it be in renewal through silent retreat and prayer at WaterBrooks, through encouraging those with deafness and other physical challenges at Kennels of Levi, or through meeting the needs of our brothers and sisters among the homeless with Operation Silent Night.

We strive to fulfill our mission, not through our own might and power, but by resting on the firm guiding hand of faith in God’s providence, provisions and promises…for what He has started, He will so complete.

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