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We seek to be a vessel, an outpouring of God’s love, to bring the good news to the afflicted, to bind up the broken hearted, to set the captive free, to comfort those who mourn, and to bring the oil of gladness and the mantle of praise to all that we meet and serve.

We undertake our mission through our outreach of ministering to the spirit, mind, and body, whether it be in renewal through silent retreat and prayer at WaterBrooks, through encouraging those with deafness and other physical challenges at Kennels of Levi, or through meeting the needs of our brothers and sisters among the homeless with Operation Silent Night.

We strive to fulfill our mission, not through our own might and power, but by resting on the firm guiding hand of faith in God’s providence, provisions and promises…for what He has started, He will so complete.

Thankful Hearts

To our dearest friends and supporters, Your love and support shown to us has truly been a gift of God during this journey with stage four lung cancer. Each of you in your own way has ministered to us both and sustained us with your Prayers. Your on-going prayers for Deborah have sustained her and…

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Let Freedom Ring

I have been reflecting on my 70 years of life and the visible tangible things that have been associated with my spiritual faith as a Christian. Here are some of those reflections… My childhood memories of church are so different than with and within the church today. I remember long ago when walking by a…

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A Glorious Day

Breathe deeply and praise God for your very breath of life on this glorious day He has given you filled with His many blessings! I have received a blessing of an article that was written about me by Christian Inspiration Ministries with a viewership of 2.3 million people! I can not begin to fathom God…

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Sue is going wild! Even the chickens are showing their support of her battle with Stage 4 lung cancer!!! It’s friends like James in Ohio with his chicken farm, and you, wherever you may be, that makes me smile when I see your photos! Don’t forget to take your photo with your shirt and send…

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Sunny Side Up Over Easy

Today was definitely my sunny side up day over easy from the time I opened my eyes till this current moment! First thing this morning I received word from a big name literacy agent and old friend who read my last posting about my new watch and he gave me words that quickly had tears…

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