God is answering!

Many thanks for your belief in my dream of building the Manna House at WaterBrooks this coming spring! Your fervent prayers for God’s blessing on Project 7 are being answered by each one of the donations that keeps coming in. The total giving this far is $3,174.15. We praise God! But it is such a long way from the $200,000.00 that we need by this spring! Please, please pray for your potential giving to Project 7, And help us to spread the word, thereby bringing this dream into reality.  Your prayers sustained me when I couldn’t breathe with lung cancer and the Lord has healed me. When I was on the ventilator with Covid, your prayers saved my life. I believe he still has a purpose for my life and I know your prayers for Project 7 will help bring it to pass. Please consider giving a one time gift of $7.00 or even making it monthly. You can even be creative with a larger gift with any multiple number using 7 in it. Many, many, thanks for your ongoing prayers and support! You prayed and God answered by giving a designated gift specifically for our John Deere Gator’s new seats!  We now pray for a donation for our greatly needed wood chipper. The prayer of a righteous man brings for much. We will continue to keep you posted as your prayers being answered climbing to our $200,000.00 need for this spring. We will not take out any loans and trust God to bring forth! This is His project for His glory and we believe that He will continue to move us forward with your help.

Have a glorious day,

Sue and Deb

Faithful women of Waterbrooks

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  1. i didnt know at first that Sue Thomas was a real person. She is so inspiring in real life! God bless her current ministry!


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