Project 7

And The Provision of the Cross

The excitement level is off the charts as we finished our Labor Day weekend with volunteers!! So much ground was covered and blessings kept arriving in the form of hardy volunteers with chain saws and a tractor! The blessed donation of two telephone poles for our Cross on the island was such an answer to your prayers. My prayer also was that we would have telephone poles for Saturday’s workday and at 6:00 p.m. Saturday evening a long trailer arrived with two telephone poles the exact lengths that we need! It seems that one of our volunteers knew someone who knew someone locally that had them in storage. We have not met this giver but we bless the Lord for him.

Our solid oak Cross which was taken from a tree on our land 12 years ago, showed the wear of the mountain elements as one of the arms broke off during the winter. I was in the hospital at the time and so the news was not revealed to me until the spring. It has been my prayer since then that we could replace that Cross as it is not only a landmark for WaterBrooks, but also a testimony of our Christian faith in this spiritually dark corner of New England. Now with the new logs on the land soon to be shaped into the Cross, It again shows that God answers prayer right on time and for His glory and the hope of His people!

Building on our faith, as we’ve experienced how God answers prayer, we have new needs to be met through prayer. This weekend we learned we need 2 new Gator seats for our widely used John Deere Gator. The Gator itself also needs a new tune up. The button for the dump in the back only works part of the time. We need to get this Gator back up so it can work in full-time Christian service again!

We are excited to announce our newest program, Project 7. The Biblical number 7 signifies Completion and the Lord has laid it on my heart that if people will just donate donating any amount including the number 7, He will indeed Complete the Manna House at Waterbrooks!!!!

I honestly believe that if everyone that knew the name Sue Thomas through my speaking, or reading my books, watching my video or TV series FBEye, would give $7 each, the Manna House would be built and paid for without any building loans whatsoever!

Sue Thomas Ministries is a registered 501c3, so your gift of any amount is tax deductible

What is the Manna House? It is the first dwelling structure that we want to build. It would be a large covered pavilion which would host our volunteers for meals or even allow small groups up to 40 people to come for a day retreat at WaterBrooks. This pavilion would have a closed in professional kitchen and gathering room area, along with two restrooms. Behind the kitchen would be a bedroom or two with handicap accessible bathroom attached, and a loft area above the closed in kitchen part would give us on-site sleeping accommodations for volunteers. Finally!!! The handicap accessible bedroom would be a place for me to live when at Water Brooks. Our previous living situation is no longer doable with my many health challenges. We have spent many happy summers in a primitive little cabin with no electricity or running water, but now we are looking forward to this next phase of civilization!

Would you prayerfully consider giving a one time donation of $7.00 or or make a monthly pledge of $7? You could also give in any series of sevens. 7×7=49 for example. Or $77. Or $700, which is 7 one hundred times! Or if God lays it on your heart to give $7,000 that would finance a larger part of the building project.Help me spread the word! We are reaching out, not only to those who have been involved with WaterBrooks, but also as I mentioned before, to everyone that is familiar with the name Sue Thomas, through the TV series, speaking, or books and DVDs.

Now you can Text to Give

Simply text the word Give with the amount (e.g. Give 100) to

330 382 6517

WaterBrooks is the ministry closest to my heart as it is a ministry with prayer at its heart. I have seen what God will do through prayer, and you have seen what God has done through prayer! Please pray with me that God will bring His people alongside to help us build WaterBrooks.

Please also pray for the local men who will be shaping the telephone poles into the Cross over the next few weeks. I would like to see that finished Cross on the property of WaterBrooks before we leave here for the winter. In the spring we hope to raise that Cross on the little island on the pond in front of the cabin. It may take a crane as it is very very heavy. The tall pole is 23 feet and the cross beam is 15 ft fully soaked with creosote. This is much too heavy for a group of men to raise with their bare hands.

We excitedly await the completion of Project 7 and the raising of that Cross. Our prayer is that both could be accomplished quickly. After all, the Lord only needed six days to create the world and on the 7th day He rested! Once these two projects are completed, we will also say, “behold, it is good” and then we, too, will rest!

May our Lord richly bless you!

Sue and Deb

Faithful women of Waterbrooks

7 Click on the 7 to find out how to add your $7 to help build the Manna House


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