Favorite Sacred Hymns

It may seem odd to you that a profoundly deaf woman would have such an intense love for music, and especially for Christian hymns. Yet, God has created His entire creation to adore and praise Him so why should one who walks in the silence be removed and silent of the thanksgiving and praise?

I truly believe as God gave man a heart to glorify the Creator, right there next to the heart He created a small space called music, whose singular purpose is to express great love and adoration to our Heavenly Father Who is so worthy to be praised.

Though the ears of the hearing world takes great pleasure in hearing the music, it  was not created primarily for the pleasure of man but for the pleasure of God! Even more so, it is designed to bring glory to Him….and so the whole world sings. The whale sings in the depths of the deep sea…the lion roars in the jungle…the elephants bellow,…the birds burst forth in song as the day breaks, and the galaxies rejoice as the orbiting stars sing with their vibrations that only heaven can truly hear. Indeed, all of creation is doing exactly what they were so created to do… exclaim their praises and worship the Creator through the continuous music of the spheres!

As one who has studied and played classical piano and trumpet, I find great love in the varied vibrations of music. I will testify that after feeling the vibrations of the human voice in four-part harmony, there is no greater instrument than the original one God created in the human voice.

In Old Testament Scriptures there is much written about music and its role in worshiping God. The Psalms give vivid descriptions of the harp, cymbals, trumpet and other instruments played by man to be used along with uplifted voices. But the New Testament bursts forth with a New Song as all becomes new and the risen Son of God is being exalted upon His throne. All instruments fall silent but the voices of His redeemed  people rise with songs of praise to the Lamb that was slain.

It is with joy that I add some of my favorite sacred hymns to this site. It is my prayer that they will draw you to that Holy Lamb on His eternal throne, and you cannot help but release your own voice in praise and adoration.

Yes, even the deaf can sing to their Creator and in His delight He returns His joy and peace to those that walk the path of silence.

Please join me in worshipping Him who alone is worthy of our praise!


  1. I have always loved music and singing. It definitely lifts me in prayer to sing.
    I once observed a man with a handicap sing out strongly and way off tune to God, right up front in the first pew. I thought God must love this beautiful voice, no matter what notes he was (or wasn’t) hitting. I was very saddened that someone must have intervened, when after a time he was in the back of the church and silent.
    I say, sing out loudly, it is beautiful to God.


  2. What a Friend we have in Jesus and a little talk with Jesus have sustained me since childhood. Thank you


  3. May God richly bless you and your work for His kingdom! Your songs of praise inspire and motivate me to find more avenues of praise, service and worship. I, also, have MS and though I once was offered the chance at singing opera in NY, I no longer can sing because of the MS. However, with God nothing is impossible and I now play the piano in His honor and praise. God bless you!~


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