Biblical Proportions

I love the Miracles of the Bible, the feeding of the multitudes of thousands with loaves of bread and a few fish, Peter walking on the water after Jesus called him, and perhaps, my favorite, which I deem the greatest, is the parting of the Red Sea so that God’s people could walk through.

Today, the world doesn’t have much use for the Bible, let alone believing in miracles. But every now and then God will do wonders that men can actually see when they have no faith to do otherwise. Such is the case of Hurricane Irma that God created..

I was not in Florida, but sat before the television to watch both The Weather Channel and Fox News. I wanted to be kept updated on the seriousness of the storm. It was while watching television that I first saw it and had the overwhelming desire to be in Florida to behold it first hand.‎ I will never forget the day, September 10, 2017

I visually saw what the people must have experienced at the Red Sea that day when God parted the waters so they could cross. I saw Tampa Bay emptied of all the water. The 1505059184086very breath of God did this.  The commentators say it has never happened in known history.  Did the rest of the world see it, too? Did it cause them to reflect on the Biblical proportion and remember the parting of the Red Sea?  Too often this has been scoffed and ridiculed for those that cannot comprehend the power of God and His almighty arm.

God moves in a mysterious way, His wonders to perform!  He plants His footsteps in the sea and rides upon the storm!    William Cowper

I am in awe and bow humbly before my almighty Father in thanksgiving and praise for giving me the sight to behold His wondrous ways. I have always believed in that testament of God parting the Red Sea, but to think that I would witness such an act in my own lifetime I could not have  fathomed.

Did you see it and does it not increase your faith? Yes, there is a God that created you and me and all the living creatures of the universe – He created the sun, stars, and sea and has the domain and power to do wondrous acts for men to see and believe.

Did he part the Red Sea so many years ago? You betcha! Just look at Tampa Bay on September 10, 2017 during the Hurricane Irma and maybe you, too, will believe!

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