I’ve started my travels with speaking once again and my first international event took me to Newfoundland. This was my second visit to this beautiful province but my first to fly out of Montreal, Canada to reach my destination.

We drove from Vermont to Montreal and as we crossed the border I was taken out of my element thus I was no longer in control of my surroundings as all signs were in French!

In our high tech society today we rely so much on computers, cell phones, and for travel, the almighty GPS. What on earth would we do without our GPS to navigate the super highways of today?

Driving into Montreal I was certainly in uncharted pathways and I marveled as our GPS told us every turn to take as the highway signs were unreadable. Sure enough, that little tech did its job exactly right and we ended up right at the door of the airport – how I marveled, how in awe I was! But then had a very frightening thought.

What if? What if that little marvelous tech had broken down? What if we had lost power and had no GPS? What if we were totally alone in a country where we did not understand the language, had no idea where we were or how to get to where we wanted to be? Frightening thought – ubetcha!!

It was in that moment of time that my mind stood upon Jesus and I gave thanks – thanking Him for directing us on unknown highways… thanking Him for keeping the GPS working. Then it hit me – God is with me every single second of my life, He directs my pathways. I shall not stumble nor be moved. He goes before me to prepare the way. He is along side me to strengthen me and behind me to protect me as my rear guard. God IS my GPS in life!!! His power will never go out, He will never break down, His has a lifetime warranty and He is forever mine!!

My thoughts about GPSs today have changed – they are good for a moment in time but not one hundred percent reliable – they will get us where we are going until that one day when they malfunction or lose their power. As for me, my God Protects Secures my travel and He is all I need!

Small thought here.. always travel with God and you will always get to where you’re going the most direct, the safest, and the most beautiful way!

A Voice In The Silence,


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