18 Years

Exactly 18 years tonight God gave me the most incredible gift from heaven that He could ever bestow upon me when a 32 year old young woman entered into my life at 11:00 p.m. as a nurse for my mom and was with me at the passing of my mother in the early hours of the very next morning.

In these past 18 years we have traveled the world together and I have had her support as a registered nurse helping me with my multiple sclerosis, and as an oral interpreter for my deafness. She has not only been my nurse, but my dietitian, cook, stylist, gardener, administrative assistant, co author, cofounder of my non-profit and so much more! She is like a daughter to me, my best friend and even some days like a mother!

She has seen me through 18 years of multiple sclerosis, a stroke, heart pacemaker, stage 4 lung cancer and covid. Three different times she has saved my life on the brink of death!

Today we are at a five star hotel in Pittsburgh staying free for two nights using my hotel awards saved up from all the years of travels. She doesn’t have to do anything. I wanted to pamper her. I even promised her eggs Benedict and her coffee in bed!

Please join me in thanking God for this most precious gift of Deborah brought into my life 18 years ago! Thanks so much, Deb, job well done, faithful servant! I so love and celebrate you.


  1. It is hard for me to think of a time without the Sue/Deb connection. From our first meeting, it has always been “2”+ a four legged friend. Sue, while you are indeed blessed, I believe it is Deb who feels the true blessing. Thankful that the Lord brought you into each others lives!!


  2. She is a true example of John 15:13. No greater love than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends! Well done Deb!


  3. What an unbelievable team our Father brought together through such a heartbreaking time. Deb you have impacted lives literally all over the world. Thank you for blessing Sue and all of us.


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