Operation Silent Night helping Ukrainian refugees in Poland

Are you wanting to help the Ukrainians who have been forced from their homeland but you’re overwhelmed with the scenes and the needs and don’t know where to start?

Sue Thomas Ministries is working with a family who is boots-on-the-ground in Poland, the neighboring country where over a million refugees have crossed the border.

Lavern and Lolita Hershberger and family have lived in Poland for the last 20 plus years. They are very dear friends that I have known for 25 years. They sincerely love the Lord and have given their entire lives to serving Him. I believe, in God’s perfect timing, that He has been preparing them all these years for just this moment. 

Lavern & Lolita Hershberger

God has thrust them right into the middle of this refugee crisis. They have been purchasing food, medicine and clothing. They have been meeting refugees and renting apartments and finding beds in people’s homes for those who are pouring into their region. There are hundreds of displaced orphans from a Ukrainian orphanage arriving in the area in the next few weeks. 

This is where Operation Silent Night, the homeless outreach of Sue Thomas Ministries, can step in and help strengthen the hands of our friends as they do this exhausting work hour after hour.

Your tax deductible gift will go 100% directly into the hands of those who are serving the Ukrainian refugees at this desperate hour.  

You can send a personal check directly to:

Sue Thomas Ministries, 320 North Bayshore Drive, Columbiana, Ohio, 44408

(Be sure to include a note that it is for refugees from Ukraine)

Or you can use this link to make an immediate donation. 

Remember, all donations are tax deductible and will go 100% to meet the needs of those who are arriving in Poland with nothing but the clothes on their back and the bag in their hand.

Lavern shared that there are no refugee camps in Poland. Instead, the Polish people are opening their hearts and homes to total strangers, sharing a roof and their table, even though they do not share the same language. 

Through Operation Silent Night, we, too, can share with the refugees from Ukraine. We might not be there physically, but we can be intercessors before God and lift up the hands of those who ARE there being the hands and face of Jesus.

To Lavern and Lolita, “God will not forget your work and the love you have shown Him as you have helped His people and continue to help them.” Hebrews 6.10 (NIV)

God bless you, dear friends!


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  1. Thanks for posting this Deborah and Sue! Lavern and Lolita are lovely people with big hearts, serving their church and community in Poland. Please pray for their protection and ministry! May God be praised!! Hugs & Prayers❤️


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