Pray and Be Prepared

Watching the news developments of each hour, God has laid heavily on my heart that we must pray and be prepared!

Our world is about to drastically change and I believe World War 3 may be upon us with Russia attempting to take all of Europe.You need to be prepared in numerous ways such as stock piling staples and having cash in the house and not the banks when we have a cyber attack. Although we are not at war yet, your lives need to prepare as if we were.

Pray, pray, pray, dear friends, that the Almighty God will protect us and our nation!

(Some of you have asked for the lyrics… Here’s the original poem in its entirety.)


Our Father, up in heaven,
Hear this fervent prayer–
May the people of All Nations,
Be United in Thy Care,

For earth’s peace and man’s salvation
Can come only by Thy grace
And not through bombs and missiles
And our quest for outer space.

For until all men recognize
That “The Battle Is The Lord’s”
And peace on earth cannot be won
With strategy and swords,

We will go on vainly fighting,
As we have in ages past,
Finding only empty victories
And a peace that cannot last.

But we’ve grown so rich and mighty
And so arrogantly strong,
We no longer ask in humbleness –
“God, show us where we’re wrong”.

We have come to trust completely
In the power of man-made things,
Unmindful of God’s mighty power
And that He is “King Of Kings”.

We have turned our eyes away from Him
To go our selfish way,
And money, power and pleasure
Are the gods we serve today.

Oh, Father, up in heaven,
Stir and wake our sleeping souls,
Renew our faith and lift us up
And give us higher goals,

And grant us heavenly guidance
As war threatens us again.
For, more than Guided Missiles,
All the world needs Guided Men.

–Helen Steiner Rice


  1. Good Morning Dear Sue and Deb,
    What a beautiful morning God once again has given us,
    Amen to all, thank you for sharing a most needed prayer ! !!!🙏
    God is Love, and in Him we trust,
    Faith Hope and Love and the greatest of these is love!💕💕💕💕


  2. Thank you, Ms. Sue! Your encouragement that our help comes from the Lord is just what people need to be reminded of. We are in turbulent times and we need to be prepared just as you said. I will never meet you on this earth, but I look forward to hugging you in the presence of Jesus our Saviour. You have inspired not only me but also my 17-year daughter. Thank you for living for Christ and being light in this dark world.
    Until we meet, may the Lord bless you and keep you!


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