A Word From Poland

Meet the Hershbergers who live in Poland and who are helping those who have crossed the border from Ukraine. You can hear a few stories, and their heartfelt thanks for your support! This is an ongoing crisis, with opportunities every day to touch the lives of those who’ve been devastated by the war. Please keep them in your prayers and that their love for Jesus will shine and bring peace to broken lives.

In the last 5 days We have received over $7,000 which we have been able to send to them immediately. This allows them to continue meeting people at the train station, helping them to purchase ticket, and finding lodging, food, clothing and medicine. Lavern has also been able to send some of the funds on to friends who are still in Ukraine and who are helping displaced people on that side of the border.

As God lays it on your heart, please pray for them and that Jesus will touch lives through them.

If you want to touch the lives of these refugees fleeing Ukraine you can GIVE HERE.

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  1. My heart thanks you for every endeavor in helping those precious ones who are so devastated, lost and bewildered! I just want them to know that i love them and are praying for them… and you! God is using you in such a sweet special way!


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