Moment By Moment, Step By Step

Answered prayer! From Lolita.

“An update. My husband called a taxi to take the blankets and supplies to the border. Our daughter brought a taxi to where I was and we were able to spend about an hour together. We talked, cried, and prayed together. She is seeing so many heart wrenching situations at the border. I know God is loving people through her. Now I’m riding in the wrecker, heading home to my family. We’ll take the van to a mechanic right away and see what the problem is. My husband said he’s not surprised this happened with how hard we’ve been working the van recently. He was in Warsaw by 4 this morning, providing transportation and lodging for refugees who have just arrived. One of them was a sweet 77 year old lady who has been traveling four days, from Donetsk. She is a retired English teacher and she told my husband that his English was very good! 😅 He said that was the highlight of his day.
So moment by moment, step by step, we walk in faith and trust in a God Who is forever faithful!
Thank you so very much for your prayers and support.”

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