This is my story…this is my song.

The song Silent Night has been in my heart and upon my lips for my entire life. When I was a small child, my mother would take me upon her lap and as she rocked in her rocking chair she would sing ‘Silent Night, Holy Night, all is calm, all is bright’, and my little hand would creep up to her throat so I could feel all the vibrations that I possibly could. Even when I could not hear the music, the song ministered to me through my mother’ love and her broken heart for her little daughter. As a small child the rhythm and flow of that song brought me so much peace that every single night I fell asleep singing Silent Night.

Throughout my entire life when the storms of life would come upon me I sang my beloved song and a peace would come upon me. In 1990 as I was writing my autobiography, my co-author would not continue with our interview until I sang Silent Night before him. Since that day, I have sang the song around the world to hundreds of thousands. Yes, it is sung the only way I can sing it – B flat, A minor at the same time! I never sing it the same way twice and always off key. But it is never sung for an audience… only for the ear of my Heavenly King.

Today I share my song with you by video as it was sung to me when I was in India, with a sister’s beautiful voice as she sang for me in her native Telugu language. Although I could not hear her voice, my eyes beheld the glory of God in such a way that I await the day that the Lord will play back the sounds of life that I missed, and this song will be at the top of my list.

May the radiance of God’s love be upon you and yours this blessed Silent Night.




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  1. Thank you once again for the inspiring post! It touches me so much! But that is because I get what you are saying! Im 100% deaf… but still speak and read lips. I sing because i want to Praise HIM. I know Im off key, but again, I do it for HIM. thanks for sharing. Id love to contact you personally! Would love even more to meet you face to face! Feel I have so much to learn from you. Im from Northern Indiana…We love Sue Thomas FBI!!! Best!!! God bless you!! Thanks for encouraging those like me!!! Heidi


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