Lessons from India

I sought the Lord, and afterward I knew
He moved my soul to seek Him, seeking me.
It was not I that found, O Savior true;
No, I was found of Thee.

Thou didst reach forth Thy hand and mine enfold;
I walked and sank not on the storm vexed sea.
’Twas not so much that I on Thee took hold,
As Thou, dear Lord, on me.

I find, I walk, I love, but oh, the whole
Of love is but my answer, Lord, to Thee!
For Thou were long beforehand with my soul,
Always Thou lovest me.

anonymous author circa 1880

We’ve been in India for over a week now and the lessons are as numerous as a life time.

What a joy to be with the believers of India and to see first hand the depth of their love for Christ Jesus and His Father.

I am humbled by our experiences with our brothers and sisters as they share their testimonies so joyfully and freely – every Christian believer comes to us with the question, “May I share my testimony with you?” It is a testimony that shows they truly understand that living for themselves brought forth the wages of sin – death. In their testimonies I see the repentant cry out and the longing for a changed life. And I see the pure desire to be holy that God alone be glorified. They are testimonies that hold power and reveal the grace of God and I have wept many a times.

Many lives have come to this ministry over the years to learn the fullness of God and His glory – lives of successful businessmen, medical personnel, highly educated men and women with univeristy degrees from Cambridge and Harvard have left all to seek and grow deeper in  their faith as a believer. My brothers and sisters of India so thirst for Him that they have left financial security and worldly aspirations to drink from the Living Waters. As a result they have but one desire, to know Him and to make Him known.

I am awe with their reverence and prayers to God. They come before Him on bended knees with their face in hands on the ground. They weep for their transgressions and have a genuine contrite repentant heart. When they rise, their faces are radiant with joy for they have seen God.

Prayers are essential as two times a week they fast and pray. The worship services are filled with praise and the preaching of the written word goes for almost two hours. Could we ‘endure’ such preaching, or would we become bored and fidgety?

The believers construct their own churches and do not hire contractors nor companies to build. They come together as a body to worship and share meals over open fires and their talk is always upon the Lord.

Beloved India, the Lord has used you powerfully in our lives to reveal the path that we who claim to hold the faith must walk.

God brought us to this far and distant land, and in the midst of the idolatry, poverty and filth, He is showing us the shining jewels of His Crown in His people that love Him so. He has blessed us by what we have seen and has changed our lives forever.

When we return to America we must share what we have seen. We must attempt to awaken our own churches that our faith must be lived every second and that it not be a religious act or tradition but that we would have such desire, such an unquenchable thirst!

Dear God, thank you for opening our eyes – thank you for teaching us in India and for revealing Yourself through your beautiful people!

Worshiping God in Nuzvid, India

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