Riding Away with Support

It is a little overwhelming to see the support pouring in for my battle with Stage 4 lung cancer, the I BREATHE t-shirts are going out across the country and we are now going back to print!!

Friends are wearing their support with the t-shirts so far in twenty one different states, the entire eastern part of the US is saying, I support Sue Thomas’ battle except Connecticut and Rhode Island at this time. We have even gone as far as Alaska!!IMG_20200821_170948You know I would love to see every state supporting me as I have spoken in every state in this country except Utah. (who knows what Utah will do?)

To all of my friends in Maine, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Ohio, New Hampshire
Alaska, Massachusetts, Vermont, Iowa, Tennessee, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Kansas, New Jersey, Virginia, Arizona, Michigan, Florida, Maryland and Nebraska thanks for giving me a shout of support!
If you are wearing an I BREATHE t-shirt, please snap a selfie with it on and send me a picture or post at the FaceBook page so I can see your smiling face, it would make my day!!
We are off to a fantastic start and I believe that we will indeed see the support across the entire grand ole USA!!
Please go to the t shirt page to have someone from your state show support  for me….it would totally make my day!
I Breathe,
Sue Thomas

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