Out with the old…in with the new!

Our time in DC with Operation Silent Night on the dark streets with the homeless was an incredible time as God continued to pour out His blessings on every person He sent our way! We fed over 300 this year while we had to turn many away. Next year we anticipate feeding 500!!!

We’ve grown and our needs are great for this outreach where we need to find a warehouse to store our donated items and to be sufficiently organized!!
So very much to do and so little space that we pray for adequate storage and working space.
With this year’s Operation Silent Night behind us we now look to the future with WaterBrooks preparation to physically build the Sanctuary for Prayer. The project is a huge undertaking with dynamiting the rock ledge to put in the road up into the hills and preparing to build the commercial septic system at the top where the vision is to put the main lodge building with a view out over the valley, we so ask your prayers for this project!! We will be sharing more information about this soon.
As the final minutes tick down towards the New Year you still have time in this year end to help make these dreams become realities. You have the opportunity to immediately send us your 2019 year end gift of love. For your donation we will send you a special thank you with our first ever 2020 WaterBrooks Calendar that holds pictures of the Cross of WaterBrooks along with a scripture for each month to turn your thoughts towards prayer.
Simply click the button to send your gift of love and we will send you a 2020 WaterBrooks Calendar.
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The Lord bless you and keep you, may His Face shine upon you and give you peace throughout this New Year,
Sue and Deb
Two Faithful Women of WaterBrooks
IMG_20191225_132425Sue, with little Lulu. Lulu was waiting for us at the park and was the first to come to the bus to say hello. We’ve seen Lulu every year for the last 9 or 10 years. She has been hospitalized with illnessess, treated for cancer, and somehow always ends up back on the streets.

IMG_20191230_212219_01Our volunteer, Ruth, on the left, with Jennifer, a homeless lady, that Ruth has seen every year for the last 3 years. Every year Jennifer asks to get a selfie with Ruth.

IMG-20191228-WA0007Some of our team members on the loaded bus. We had 15 volunteers this year from six different states, and everyone worked beautifully together as one heartbeat to minister and show the face and hands of Christ.

IMG_20191227_091903_01~3Volunteers Justin, and Katie, praying with a homeless man.

IMG-20191228-WA0014Volunteer James, from Costa Rica, really connected with this man in a wheelchair on Christmas Eve. The yellow straps hanging on the back of the chair show the packed duffel bag that we pass out. The bag is packed with several pair of new socks, a hat and muffler, hygiene kit, snack bag, roll of toilet tissue, (a basic commodity that we often take for granted) small LED flashlight, an umbrella, bottled water, and a can of Pepsi! The throw blanket on his lap was one of several hundred that were donated brand new. And it appears that he is really enjoying that cup of hot cocoa!

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  1. Beautiful and thrilling! Thanks be to God Who reaches out through each of you, the members of the Body of Christ!


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