Take a breath

It’s that time of the year! Is your heart overflowing with thankfulness every day or are you holding your breath until the turkey arrives picture perfect on the laden table? Our National Day of Thanksgiving may be scheduled for next week, but before the count down begins and everything switches into full speed, and you’re madly dashing to complete and check off the to-do list, please remember to pause, take a deep breath, and give thanks for the countless blessings that have been bestowed upon you throughout the year, through God’s generous giving, or His gracious withholding. Oh, there is so much to give thanks for!  These winter months are a perfect time to smell the bouquets of fragrant roses that were handed to you throughout the year. First, give thanks for your very breath of life,  then take a deep breath and continue counting one by one. In today’s frantic society the season officially begins before Halloween. We all know this is nothing short of a nightmare, so if you have survived this far, then give thanks for the grace of getting through your nightmares!

Colossians 3.17

We stay busy around here. This month, my interview with Nancy Leigh DeMoss Wolgemuth airs on her radio program,  Revive Our Hearts. The dates are November 27th, 28th, and 29th.  Be sure to check your local Christian radio station for the time the program will air. It is called “Finding Hope In The Silence” and is a series you won’t want to miss.20170503_-204

The month also sees preparation for Operation Silent Night’s annual fundraising  Christmas Cookie Platters. Last year over 400 dozen cookies were sold -this year the goal is for 450 dozen! Please check out Operation Silent Night’s Facebook page for more information and delicious pictures!

We will keep you posted on current news so please stay with us! Our hearts are overflowing with thanks and we consider you to be one of our blessings.


  1. What a rare treasure to listen to you the last four days on Revive our Hearts. I’m sharing the link with my friends. Thank you for loving and serving our Lord with all your heart, mind, soul and strength. What a wonderful Savior we have and what a blessing CBC and Dr. McQuilkin were in my life too. May this year be your best Christmas yet!


  2. It is so nice to see you Sue….hope and pray you are well. Glad to read you are keeping busy. I will try to hear the show at the end of the month. God Bless….


  3. We miss you Sue & Deb…..we are so thankful that you are part of our life…seeing your picture and comments feels like home. Blessings each day….not just Thanksgiving Day. We are headed for Ohio this Sunday the 19th.
    Love …Your sister Carol.


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