StoryImpact Conference April 10-11

Join us in the heart of Amish Country in t rolling hills of Holmes, County, Ohio. Attend a unique event called StoryImpact Conference held in the Mt Hope Auction Center hosted by Sue Thomas Ministries and Choice Books!


What is the StoryImpact conference?

StoryImpact is a Community wide Conference focused on storytelling.  Hosted by Choice Books and Sue Thomas Ministries, our lineup of Storytellers will share faith stories that will inspire hearts, bring tears and laughter, and encourage wholesome response in those that attend. Our goal and objective is to connect attendees to the power of their own story.

Who is StoryImpact?

Everyone has a story to tell! Hosted by Choice Books and Sue Thomas Ministries, our Purpose is… “To harness the power of Storytelling to connect Churches, Families, Businesses and Individuals for the purpose of sharing resources in order to build the Kingdom of God.”

Telling Stories…Sharing Resources…Building the Kingdom


StoryImpact Registration

IMPORTANT: Please register so we can plan for seating and food preparation. If you sign up for a meal you will receive a ticket voucher via email that you will need to either print out or show on your phone at the venue. Admission is free for the StoryImpact Conference. However, we would like to invite you to come prepared to give to Choice Books of Great Lakes and Sue Thomas Ministries.

Register Now!


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