Thankful Hearts

To our dearest friends and supporters,

Your love and support shown to us has truly been a gift of God during this journey with stage four lung cancer. Each of you in your own way has ministered to us both and sustained us with your Prayers. Your on-going prayers for Deborah have sustained her and given her the strength she so needs to nurse me and restore my health, and from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for upholding us before the Throne of the Lord.

The announcement of good news came from my oncologist three month visit that the chemotherapy is working and the tumors are shrinking. Praise God For Whom All Blessings Flow!!!!

We now focus on life and the dreams of Sue Thomas Ministries and ask that you will join us at our Prayers for the desires of our heart. That desire was shared with me today when a gift was sent in honor of our celebration with the good news of the chemotherapy. With the gift came a note card that held the desire of our hearts, pray this for us please, “Breathe on me breath of God, fill me with life anew, That I may love what Thou  dost love, And do what Thou wouldst do.” This is our prayer…our humble plea that our very breath will be for He!

We pray for Sue Thomas Ministries as it continues to grow and become with WaterBrooks, the refuge of Prayer in the 113 acres of the Green Mountain wilderness. Pray, our friends, that this will be the year we build our first dwelling.

Deb and I have lived in a tiny log cabin without any electricity or running water for 16 years as we have cleared and carved out the building sites and obeyed God’s first command that He gave to man, “Take care of the garden”. After 16 years, my stage four lung cancer does not permit me to go back to the cabin due to using oxygen and having no electricity. It is time to build and we move forward with anticipation and praise.

The structure that you see below is what we hope to work with and what we are calling The Bethany House. It is a multi functional building that will hold our first guest room with bath on the bottom floor for WaterBrooks guests along with 3 car garage for grounds-keeping equipment, tractor, work area and such. The upstairs will hold an apartment area where Deb and I can live while developing and maintaining WaterBrooks. This now opens up the little log cabin for WaterBrooks use, rather than personal living space. This is how we start and this is how we grow!

Hereafter, our desire is to add only 5 to 7 individual Prayer cottages throughout the property for people to come away for a while to rest as Christ did and encouraged his disciples to do.

“Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.”


Remember, Waterbrooks is a different kind of place set apart for the glory of God and the hope of His people. It is a refuge of Prayer for men and women to come to be alone with God in the silence and to sit and be still and know that He is God. When you check in for either a day, weekend or weekly retreat, you leave your cell phones behind and computers and anything that is electric. You bring only your Bible, hymn book journal, or devotional books. You will have totally quiet time to unplug In order to be recharged while sitting beneath the Shadow of the Almighty or  while walking and talking with God on the handicapped accessible trails throughout the 113 acres.

Please pray, friends, that we can start immediately as calls have been placed to put the septic system and the well in immediately.

Pray as our Board of Directors meets by Zoom this Friday, October 24th at 11:00am. Pray for discernment, harmony and unity for this meeting and for the board to lead Sue Thomas Ministries to be all that God wants it to be and to do all things that God wants us to do.

We have approached three new churches seeking monthly missions support to help us build.  Please pray for these churches that we might find favor with God answering our prayers. Pray also for new monthly supporters because it so helps us to know what kind of funds we have to work with.

So very much is happening all at a time when I am simply called to JUST BREATHE that I can’t contain my excitement!!

The documentary of WaterBrooks is currently being finished that we will have this tool to show the world and introduce them to what lies in our Green Mountains where God will meet His people. Pray for the completion of the documentary and God’s blessings upon it as released to His people that it will help generate more interest and support for this ministry.

Operation Silent Night continues to grow and move forward with volunteers continuing the desire to serve our homeless. We have received a $1,000.00 donation of dry goods for baking from the Mormons Storehouse this year and our annual cookies platters will once again be offered to raise funds for the homeless. Each year the baking is getting more and more with 15 cookie bakers working three straight days the week before Christmas to bake all the platters of cookies. Last year they did 1,000 dozen cookies!

GORANTS CHOCOLATIER has joined their support in the building of WaterBrooks!! I will be writing more on this later but if you love a rich piece of fine Chocolate then you simply must try Gorants!!! Gorants Chocolates are the east coast gem like Sees Candies are tothe west coast! Ordering from the Gorant’s Chocolatier website using the WaterBrooks code will help donate a portion of your purchase for the building of WaterBrooks! More  to come on this candy project!

I am a bit shaky after writing such a blessing to you, so very much is happening and I am alive and breathing in answer to your Prayers. We can’t thank you enough for your love and support and to where we are today, we pray you will continue and to help us grow and become.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you, bless you,

Sue and Deb (and Rodney)

Two Faithful Women of WaterBrooks


  1. My husband and I have been watching the t.v.. series. And have been blessed to see programs that give alk the glory. I was so thrilled today to learn these stories that these stories are real. Sue, I don’t know the latest with your health but I know I will be praying. I love praying for people and it is with joy that I will pray for you. Is there some place I can be updated to know how to pray for your specific needs. I am also interested in learning about your ministry.
    May the Lord bless you. My email address is. I love to sign songs in sign. It makes my worship time even deeper. Because of Calvary. Bev Robinson


  2. Just checking in on your ministry, Sue. I was inspired to learn ASL after hearing you speak in Indianapolis at the Praise Gathering about 15 years ago. I am a music teacher but have been privileged to also teach ASL explorer classes to middle schoolers. Prayers for your health and the growth of your ministry! Bless you!


  3. Dear Sue, You have been in my thoughts and prayers. I am so glad to hear that the tumors are shrinking. God does hear our prayers. I was in Columbiana at the Dutch Haus with some friends and was thinking about you since I was so close. Are you still on Bayshore? May God continue to watch over you and Deb as you continue to do God’s work. Love and prayers. Gail H.


  4. Glad you are both doing well.  I’m post-op total knee and hurting a bit.  Surgery was on Monday the 19th and I got home the 20th.  Having home PT, but today is 3rd day post–op and as Deb can tell you that’s the worst.  Big problem is I can’t take most pain meds as I have severe reactions to them, so I’m hurting pretty much all the time.  Prayers for some pain relief would be welcomed.  I’ll talk to you later.Love,Marti


  5. Sue,
    So thanking the Lord for his hand upon you! May God continue to bless you and gain your strength for the build at Waterbrooks. About ten of our ladies have been praying for you weekly as we had Bible study. Praise God !!
    Chris Carpenter


  6. Incredible blessings indeed. So thankful for the very good news regarding your lung cancer. I have been praying for you & Deb and was hoping for an update soon. The Lord is blessing in so many ways. He knows your heart, and He knows you want to please Him and help His servants/shepherds find a place of quiet rest.

    Thanks for taking the time to provide this update. I know it had been a little challenging for you, but I, and I’m sure others, am grateful too.

    Love & blessings, my friend! Sandra Hawkins

    On Wed, Oct 21, 2020 at 7:00 PM Sue Thomas Ministries wrote:

    > Sue Thomas Ministries posted: ” To our dearest friends and supporters, > Your love and support shown to us has truly been a gift of God during this > journey with stage four lung cancer. Each of you in your own way has > ministered to us both and sustained us with your Prayers. Your on-go” >


  7. 🎶 🎶Way maker ,miracle worker, promise keeper
    Light in the darkness,my God that is who You are 🎶 🎶😇🙏
    Keep looking up and Breath!! One step at a time !
    Praise Him JESUS !!


  8. I feel the passion, the heart throb, the renewed vision! The Bethany House will be amazing! Love it! Love the idea of the prayer cottages! Never give up!


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