A Glorious Day

Breathe deeply and praise God for your very breath of life on this glorious day He has given you filled with His many blessings! I have received a blessing of an article that was written about me by Christian Inspiration Ministries with a viewership of 2.3 million people! I can not begin to fathom God placing my story to so many people at one time. May God get all the glory and may those that need encouragement see God in that article and see Him alone and not me. To view the article you can go to


We asked for Prayers for my kidneys and they are improving but not out of the woods yet. My low GFR number of 26 has creeped to 37 but I need anything over 60 to be normal so please keep storming heaven that I will be faithful in glugging a gallon of water each day to get my kidneys healthy and be healed! I am back on the chemo and faithfully peddling my foot pedal exercise machine and now can do five minutes at a time! T-shirts are fanning out across America with only 17 states remaining!

Lastly but certainly not the leastly, we are praying about making the drive back to Waterbrooks the end of the month! Yes, you heard that right! Pray for this desire of our hearts as it will be a major big production going with everything we have to take between portable oxygen machine to drive with and big oxygen for the hotel, wheelchair, etc. We will not be able to stay in the little log cabin at our beloved WaterBrooks, as I’m sure you understand, because it’s a very primitive camping place without running water or electricity. Pray, pray for Deb who has to do everything to prepare for the trip and for wisdom and strength to get me through it. We both so want to return to WaterBrooks and have the beautiful experience of fall there for a week or two.

We are excited to continue filming once again for the documentary starting in Vermont and ending in our Ohio home. We are so grateful for Nickolas Barris and ask your prayers for his safety as he will be driving the 29 hours from Colorado to Vermont.

We indeed are breathing and living for the glory of God and with each day I am awed with the wonders and beautiful blessings He has for me!! I thank God for you and that you are on this journey with me, may you be refreshed and renewed by the simple testimony that I bring. Thank you for caring, thank you for being my friend and prayer warrior!

Sue, Deb and Rodney


  1. Praise be to our BELOVED for HIS mercies that endure for ever and ever!!! My husband is finishing his chemo for pancreatic cancer and indeed God has been answering all of our prayers. God bless you Sue and sustain you through everything. We love you so much!!! Hank and Kathy Baker.


  2. Hi,Blessings to all. Has there been any discussion of OSN activities for this year? I know it can’t look like what it has in the past but just wondering if anything can be done despite Sue’s challenge, Covid, etc.. Please let us know  John & Maria


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