Sue is going wild! Even the chickens are showing their support of her battle with Stage 4 lung cancer!!!

It’s friends like James in Ohio with his chicken farm, and you, wherever you may be, that makes me smile when I see your photos!

Don’t forget to take your photo with your shirt and send to me, please, as it truly makes my day to see your smile while standing in showing your support for me.

We now have shirts in 25 different states and continuing to spread around the country! We still need tshirts sent to the states of WA, OR, NV, ID, MT, WY, UT, NM, OK, SD, ND, MN, WI, MO, IL, AK, IN, LA, MS, AL, and Hawaii.

It’s amazing how much the little seemingly insignificant pieces in life can make the big picture so full and beautiful and exciting!! All of us are small creatures of God from every background and location but the day we became a Christian we moved all together into the big house of God into a different Kingdom. I am actually visibly seeing this as your support keeps pouring in. The smiling faces, the words of encouragement and even the chickens winging it for me, how dare I not win the race before me!!!

I am back on chemo after a week off of resting my kidneys so the numbers would improve. I have had the diagnosis of stage four lung cancer for three months now and going strong!

Please keep your pictures coming and your smiling faces before me, they are as much as the cure for this cancer than any medication that I can take!!

God bless you, dear friends, I am breathing and basking in your love and support,

What came first…the chicken or the egg???Either way, have a sunny side up over easy day!


  1. Have enjoyed your presentation of Christ and look forward to meeting you if not here in the New Earth. We are just beginning my husband’s second year battling Cancer. Our steadfast support is our Lord and Savior. Your faithful witness of His love supports and encourages all who deal with life’s stings.


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