Sunny Side Up Over Easy

Today was definitely my sunny side up day over easy from the time I opened my eyes till this current moment!

First thing this morning I received word from a big name literacy agent and old friend who read my last posting about my new watch and he gave me words that quickly had tears streaming down my face. He said I was a good writer and I should keep writing whatever God was showing and teaching me while I’m still breathing! These words were sweeter than anything anyone has ever said to me. You see, because of my deafness I struggled with English and was a failure at the English grammar in school. I have dreaded writing my entire life, and would rarely write a letter to my own Mom even though she begged me to and now at my lowliest moment the words from a well know literary agent were absolutely priceless and had me in tears! What an encouragement! What a way to start the day!

“Therefore encourage one another and build up one another, just as you also are doing.”

1 Thessalonians 5.11

My upside day continued with my oncology appointment for which I had asked you to pray that my kidney numbers would improve…and they did! Now my numbers are good enough again to restart my oral chemo tonight so it’s back to Protein drinks and orange sherbet for my meals! I have so enjoyed the last few days of being able to eat and the food tasted normal!

Then, while already having such a great sunny side up over easy day, Joni Earickson Tada wrote this afternoon that she wants to share with her listeners on radio about my Stage 4 lung cancer and the I BREATHE t-shirts!!

Joni and I go way back and the first person I contacted about my cancer was Joni knowing she, too, has walked the cancer journey and was being victorious in Christ.

Once again, I can see the power of words! Power to lift us up, to cheer us on, to change mind over matter and in the end words can move mountains!

Yes, words are powerful and they are a gift from the Lord, as all things are, to be used rightly for encouraging and uplifting, and building up one another.

Remember, my friends, the power of your words and what they are capable of doing such as making sunny side up over easy days!!

“Let no unwholesome words ever pass your lips, but let all your words be good for benefiting others according to the need of the moment, so that they may be a means of blessing…”

Ephesians 4.29 Weymouth NT

Be on the lookout for the announcement soon of Joni’s radio program and please be in prayer for this radio program that the words shared will be an encouragement to those in need and will bring glory and honor to Him from whom all blessings flow!

I pray you, too, are having a sunny side up day over easy and experiencing God in a very true way!

God bless you and yours,

Sue, Deb and Rodney

“It doesn’t matter who says it, as long as it gets said.”

Sue Thomas (words given by God)


  1. Dear Sue,
    I love your encouragement. He is our strength in our weaknesses. I continue to pray for you and to thank Him for your being, for in Him we live. I thank Him for being able to breathe for one. (I live in the middle of many wild fires near Paradise, California.) I thank when I read His word and hear His voice counseling me. And I thank him for little things that we used to take for granted, like disposable cleaning wipes and toilet paper.
    I am praying for you; you are a light that shines!
    Blessings, candy


  2. Glad you’re doing better.  My days have been hectic with work and stuff at the house, and of course Dr’s visits.  Seems like everything comes at once.Keep up the faith and doing what the Dr’s say.  We’re having a big Fish Fry at our house on Sunday and we’ll be celebrating the twins 16th birthday which is actually on Saturday, but they are so busy there is no time to get together until our Fish Fry on Sunday.   I think we’ll have about 20 to 30 people here.Lots to do and I’m working again a lot, so my house needs a major cleaning.  I’ll at least clean the bathrooms and run the sweeper, then tomorrow I’ll be cooking!!!! I promise I’ll try to get over soon—-I’ll try  Honest I’ll try.!!! I keep you both in my thoughts and prayers and was glad to hear the good news.  Keep fighting Sue. Love,Marti


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