I Breathe Tshirts are ready!

Friends have rallied together to create and offer these I Breathe Tshirts in support of Sue’s lung cancer and we are delighted to let you know they have arrived!  Our heartfelt thanks to Nick C.  who used his God-given talent and designed these with Sue in mind,  and for Katie K. who has offered to handle mailing out orders as they come in!


These are a quality Hanes 99% cotton classic cut T shirt in a light ash gray available in sizes S-3X. (We are still awaiting the shipment of ladies cut pink shirts  and will post them as soon as they arrive.) 

Over the years as I’ve travelled and worked with Sue, I have often heard her thanking Him “for my very breath” as she says, and that prayer of her lips continues even today as we have become more aware of that precious breathing process with the difficulties accompanying Lung Cancer.  

Did you know an adult unconsciously takes a natural breath approximately 15 times a minute?  With 1440 minutes in a 24 hour day, that is almost 22,000 breaths every day, day after day after day, every breath inspired by God Himself. 

With this in mind the verse from Job 33 was chosen to be featured on the front of the shirt. Echoing ancient Job in the Bible, Sue also firmly believes that all trials comes from the hand of God, and knows that He will sustain her through this latest affliction. She understands that the Enemy has to go to our Father to ask permission to afflict His servants.  (Job 1:9-11,,  Luke 22. 31,32) Her prayer is that she will be faithful and continue to praise Him and thank Him for every breath, for He is her Breath-Giver!

I think that the shirt captures that thought very well and encourages us to remember Him in all things, even the unconscious act of breathing.

With your purchase you are letting Sue know that her ministry of Encouraging People In Christ and glorifying Him continues even though she cannot leave her home at this time to proclaim His Name!

Thank you so much for all your prayers and your love over these difficult months as it has meant a lot to both of us!


If you, your friends, church or group get these shirts, can you do me a favor and post a picture on the Facebook page so I can see it? Wouldn’t it be something if we could beat the Guinness Book of World Records with the most T-shirts worn for encouragement and support??!!??!! 

I am forever grateful for you and your love and prayers. You are upholding me as God reaches down and picks me up. I truly have been blessed as I understand life a little more deeper and richer. 

Because of Him I BREATHE!    Sue


  1. I take a woman’s xl – what would that be in the gray? I prefer the gray over the pink for me. Thanks. Bonnie

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