It’s Giving Tuesday!

Today’s the day! GIVING TUESDAY!! Today is the day that your donation will be doubled automatically (matched by PayPal) when donating through PayPal!

Imagine, if you give $1.00 you will be giving $2.00 or if you give $500 you will be giving $1,000!!!!

Today is the day that you can make a huge difference through your donation being doubled, whether it be for the bus for Operation Silent Night, or for the building of the lodge at Water Brooks, the Prayer Refuge. By the doubling of your donation you will double the blessings for Sue Thomas Ministries.

Simply click the button below to make a difference on this TUESDAY GIVING.

donate button

May your blessings be doubled today,

Sue Thomas
Sue Thomas Ministries

1 Comment

  1. Hi Sue,

    Although I don’t like to publish our names, Ken and I donated $500 via PayPal on Giving Tuesday (making it $1,000) to be used towards your new transportation bus, or Operation Silent Night, or your upcoming trip! Please use these funds as you see fit, for you (and Deborah!) are worth every penny! Praying for you on your return trip to Washington, D.C. and your return to great health! The Lord is Good!

    News on our front, Ken had a good CT Scan a week ago Friday and his Oncologist at Dana-Farber has stopped his chemo treatment to give his body a rest before Ken begins radiation treatment (10 days, M-F, for 10 minutes a day), scheduled for the first 2 weeks in December. We pray this will shrink the tail mass on his pancreas. We are so blessed, as each and every day, the Lord has shown us his grace.

    Thank you for the wonderful “Reflections on DVD’s for people with Cancer. In mid-October, Ken read the Bible Scripture at our church, which happened to be Psalm 23.

    Amanda Packard



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