Spring Speaking Tour

Today may be first day of spring,  but WaterBrooks in Vermont shows no traces of thawing. cabin in snow 2017

As you can see, our little cabin and the pond are completely blanketed with the cold white stuff. The second picture is of our porch by the door.

We are to return to WaterBrooks on May 9th to open the ministry for the season but this snow must be totally gone by then!

 2nd pic

Thursday we leave for our spring mini-tour of speaking and most excited to be heading south with warmth and not north with snow! First we head for Virginia Beach, VA where we are doing a Christian women’s retreat. We are blessed with the location of the retreat being at a large beach house right on the water. I will be speaking four times over this weekend and looking forward to making new friends while in this area.

Next  we plan to stop in a quiet place for a few days to hide and do writing projects. This is total seclusion where the brain hits the paper while the keyboards fly‎. We are digging in and vowing not to leave without something to show for it.

We then hit the road for Greenville, SC where we spend the weekend at a Prayer Conference at the Evangelical Institute of Greenville. I will be speaking for their Saturday afternoon session before leaving Sunday afternoon for Columbia, SC where  I will be returning to my spiritual roots at Columbia International University formerly known as Columbia Bible College and Seminary. It will be the first time I will be in Columbia and my spiritual father and dear friend, Dr. Robertson McQuilken will not be there. He always covered me with his prayers. I  will speak for the school’s chapel service on Tuesday, April 4th. Monday, the 3rd, I will be doing two chapel services for Ben Lippen Missionary School‎ so our plate is full with a short stay before beginning our trip back to Ohio on Wednesday.

Friends, we would so appreciate your prayers for this small mini-tour of travelling, speaking and writing. Pray us on for safe travels as we cover the miles, for words of encouragement and utterance as I stand and bear witness to those that God would have to hear, and for wisdom and discernment for all that God would have us do.

It is a joy to be back on the road and to be a “tramp for the Lord” by bringing the good news and bright hope to God’s people.

We covet your prayers and thank you!

We, too, go up to our Jerusalem,

Sue, Deborah and ‘Rodney’


  1. I was so very very blessed by your life and your story as you shared at our church yesterday… Kempsville Mennonite Church! I
    want to thank you so much for coming. I found your website just now and have been reading your book “Staying in the Race” last night and this afternoon! And my 11 year old daughter is reading ” Silent Night” and we both love the books. I just cannot express how I felt the Spirit of God so strongly yesterday and was just reminded so vividly how God can use those who give themselves to him! Your trip was not in vain! God bless you and your dear nurse… you blessed our lives!


  2. Dear Sue and Deb, You surely don’t want to head for Vermont unless you plan to ski or snowshoe!!😂 Looks mighty chilly! We leave for E I on Thursday so we’ll be praying for your speaking events at the Women’s Retreat this coming weekend and your writing during the week. Bob will be teaching next week and then have Board Meetings. Also he will speak Sunday morning at the Conference. We’ll be looking forward to seeing you again! So glad the cake auction was a huge success😃 A verse for you in VA…Romans 15:29❤ Marsha

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