Our Annual Cake Auction

Tonight is the night… only once a year do we seek financial support through our Open Hearts Dinner Gala which is held every February.
We pull out all stops to make this a memorable ‎night and some four hundred guests enjoy a sit down dinner served by thirty or so young volunteer servers.
We deeply believe that every penny donated must go directly to the ministry, therefore all costs for the dinner and it’s function is 100 percent donated. We are deeply indebted to the generosity to SAMS CLUBS, WALMARTS, GIANT EAGLE and local churches for the food to prepare the meal.
The highlight of our evening is our spectacular cake auction where beautiful decorated cakes baked and decorated by ladies in the community can go as high as $500 per cake!  This truly is an event that has gained the popularity and the tremendous support of our attendees.  Here are a few of our cakes from previous years…

Below is a video that will be shown this evening regarding our ministry to the homeless which continues to grow each year.
May we ask your prayers for this evening for our 4th Annual Open Hearts Gala‎ that God will be glorified and His people be reached?
‎For Him and His,
Sue and Deborah
Sue Thomas Ministries


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  1. Beautiful video! And those cakes are fabulous!!!! No wonder sometimes they bring $500! Thanks be to God for His strength and provision- praying for tonight! Love


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