Bad Hair Days

I’ve pondered how to begin to write today as I sense the magnitude of my reflections. I do want to be sensitive and not cause thy foot to stumble, but even though I want to be gentle, I know I must be honest. This blog is going to be offensive and painful . It is going to be an x-rated horror show that will strip away all the protective outward appearance and leave one totally naked and exposed. It is going to be a stark reality. It is going to be the truth.

Last week I questioned why today’s churches refrain from mentioning the Cross, the crucifixion, or even talk about the surrender of one’s self. I believe it is because those are ugly topics that deny our best friend, that person we have lived with 24-7 since we were born, and will continue to do so, until our last dying breath. That person who knows you the best, your every thought, words and deed, is one who holds all of your emotions and demands that you get what you want when you want it and the one that makes you feel real good about yourself. It is ‘yours truly’, your dearest and best, SELF. Did I say it was your best friend? I wasn’t quite honest there, for the truth of the matter is that it is your WORST ENEMY!

How can Self be so delightful and yet cause so much pain, frustration, anger and tears?

How does one deal with such a daily emotional roller-coaster every single day of their lives while every fabric in their being screams, get me out of here! Granted, when things are going our all self desired ways, everything is all roses, fun and festive. But woe unto me if I don’t get what I want, do what I want, or others don’t think my way! That is when the Worst Enemy lifts his head and roars and the Bad Hair Day begins.

Bad Hair Days are a casual way of saying that we didn’t get our own way today. We downplay our raging Worst Enemy simply by saying “I had a Bad Hair Day” when, if we were completely honest with the world we would admit, “things didn’t go my way today.”

In order to truly understand Bad Hair Days we must be completely honest in our assessment of the problem. So, let’s talk about our best friend, the one who knows us, accepts us, likes us, and even loves us 24-7 all the days of our lives – what a great friend, this Self is! In return, we pamper it, indulge it, and give it everything it wants!  Self is so great and powerful in our lives let’s call it what it really is, the Great I Am!!

bad hair days

Don’t get confused here, I am not talking about the Great I AM, the Alpha and the Omega, the Lord our God of the Holy Scriptures, but rather, about me, my self, and I, the Great I Am. Face it, if we have to live with ourselves 24-7 we should at least like ourselves, and if we like ourselves‎, surely over time, we will come to love ourselves. It is this love of self that produces the Bad Hair Days. Get rid of this self and you will get rid of all the Bad Hair Days!!

OK, OK, you got my attention. How do I get rid of this Self who is my best friend that goes with me everywhere 24-7?

We must go back to the ugly topics of the Cross, the Crucifixion, and‎ total surrender of the Self. Remember, these are the topics that the church doesn’t want to talk about today because it doesn’t make people feel good. There is no power of positive thinking in the Cross. In fact, the mere suggestion of the subject creates Bad Hair Days with the offensive suggestion that the Self is not who we once thought it was, but rather the one who causes so much damage in our personal lives.

In order to understand the Bad Hair Days we must honestly look at our Self and it is not a pretty sight. In fact, Self is a horrific monster that raises its head and roars, spits, and wreaks havoc and destruction upon all that gets in its way. It is at this point where we must speak of that despicable shameful  Cross, the crucifixion and the surrender of self.

More to come, friends…

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