It’s official! WaterBrooks opens her season this Saturday, May 21st, with the arrival of 24 young pilgrims from Maine for a day retreat. Seventeen high school students along with seven chaperons will come to the silence of WaterBrooks to be strengthened by a day of prayer and devotions. This has become a tradition as this group is returning for their fourth year and the season always open with their arrival. We ask you to pray for safe travel from Maine and that their time will be refreshing with beautiful weather and that they will truly hear the still small Voice of God during their time at WaterBrooks.

The month of May ends with another tradition of our annual Memorial Volunteer weekend from May 26th‎ thru the 30th. This is a weekend filled with chain saws, shovels and weed whackers with lots of laughter and good food. It’s time to burn the bush pile after two years so a good bonfire is on the list. This year the Bridgton Alliance Church from Maine will be sending seven men for the weekend with their tools to help tame the wilderness here at WaterBrooks. We look forward to their arrival and are inviting other friends from local churches. Please join us in prayer for beautiful working weather and for the protecting grace of safety for each volunteer as well as protection for burning the huge bonfire. It’s a wonderful time of fellowship as we labor together to build WaterBrooks and share times of prayer and testimonies of God’s faithfulness.

Our major focus this summer is to prep the location for the arrival of our first prayer cottage. We pray in earnest that this is the year that the cottage is raised. We just received a pledge for $500 for the cottage so believe God is preparing to move forward!! To date, we have received numerous donations for the interior of the cottage such as new mattresses, a quilt, and wall photos – we are most excited to have this cottage up to bless weary pilgrims seeking to be renewed and restored.

We continue to send out daily scripture verses to cell phones via text every morning at 9:00am. If you haven’t signed up to receive them, please do at It’s a small little blessing to start your day in the clamor of the day’s activities – it’s the small Voice of God saying good morning to you and we guarantee you will be strengthened by the Word of God.

The streams are alive at Waterbrooks and as the deer pants for the running waters so our soul pants for our Lord. We welcome you to join us in praying for the souls that God sends to Waterbrooks this year. Many have came to the streams to drink from the Living Water and God continues to send both men and women who long to be deeply refreshed in His love. We covet your prayers as God leads us to be vessels to offer that cool refreshing cup to all those that He brings to Waterbrooks.

Bless you, dear friends, as you stand with us in your support. In the words of that old hymn, “we go not forth alone against the foe – strong in Thy strength, safe in Thy keeping, we rest in Thee and in Thy Name we go.”

We, too, go up to our Jerusalem,

Sue and Deborah

Faithful Women of Waterbrooks

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