The Great I AM!

For those of you who prayed for the Chapel service at CIU….thank you. God gave the words and now you can listen to it on the Podcast message below. To my friend, Jana, and any other of our friends who cannot physically hear this broadcast, we plan to transcribe it to text soon, so stay tuned!

The Great I Am




  1. Hi Sue, I just listened to your message – God’s message channeled through you about the Great I AM. Thanks for that powerful word.

    Yes, I have heard his voice and still do. As a matter of fact, years ago I started writing my own story I named, “It’s God, He Wants to Speak to You”. But as I have worked on the story over the years, I started thinking about who would read this epic story – and since I figured the only ones that would be interested in my life would be my kids, so I changed the title to “Count it all Joy” and the focus was mostly an auto-biography about me, leaving out a lot of the parts I thought they would not understand – a lot of my personal relationship with the Lord. I also began putting old photos in it of our life, our kids, and experiences. It has really become the story of “I am”.

    Recently though I feel like the Lord was saying to me that he wants me to share how he speaks to me, and has over all the years since I came to know him. It’s not my place to consider the audience, that’s his responsibility. I just need to obey. And so that’s what I am doing – praying all the time that I will follow his direction in the way I write, the parts I include and what I don’t. I know he directed me to listen to your message today – it’s just one of many confirmations to me that I am to write about my relationship to him and that he not only can speak to us but IS speaking to us. If I listen and keep on allowing him to lead, then what I write will be “heard” by whomever he wants to “hear” it. Thanks for also being one of his vessels.

    I sent the link of your message to my son and a few people that I know will listen to it and appreciate this powerful word. I am now going to share it on the MS & Christ FB page too. Your life, His Life, is having ripple effects all over the world! God bless you and Deb for your faithfulness.

    Judy Oberto


  2. Oh, thank you so much, Sue!!! (tears in my eyes) I will look forward to the transcript! Am so happy and thankful that God answered our prayers and met you at CIU, as I knew He would, smile.


  3. looking forward to reading the script… as Im one of those ‘deaf’ ones!:) Thanks for being a inspiration to so many!


  4. Such a Good Word to read today! Love you and pray for you and your Ministry all the time my sweet friend!
    Patsy Cox
    Abilene, Texas


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