Isaiah 41:31 Those who wait upon the Lord…

Are you experiencing a waiting in your journey or have you experienced years of preparation waiting for that divine appointment to finally open the previously locked doors?

Our times are in His hands and we must trust that He knows the hour that is best for His purpose to be fulfilled to reveal His glory. I can testify to this fact as I have waited for this divine appointment and tomorrow those doors which were slammed shut and locked in the past shall burst open with a promise fulfilled.

Tonight I am in a hotel room in Montreal, Quebec,Canada across from the international airport and my excitement can hardly be contained. Tomorrow I will board the plane for my journey to India, a journey that I have waited for nearly twenty five years. I still remember the hot tears and bitter disappointment when God closed those doors some twenty five years ago. My passport, visa, shots and tickets were in my hand and God quietly but firmly said, “No, not now.” The pain that day has quietly faded with the passing years but now an immense joy floods my being with the understanding that twenty five years ago as a new babe in the Lord I was in no way ready to proclaim and serve Him in a far distant land.

There are many a stories in scriptures where lives were kept waiting for years to see the goodness of God. Lovers of God such as Noah, Moses, Abraham, David, Elizabeth, Anna and many others waited to see the promise of God. What kept them going? Simply their belief – faith in what they couldn’t see. They took God at His Word,  held on to His promise, and simply waited knowing that one day God would reveal His divine plan.

Did I know that I would have to wait for twenty five years for God to fulfill what He first started way back when He whispered and gave me the burden to proclaim Him to India? No. If I had known could I have endured such a wait? No. Absolutely not. He wants us to lean on Him and trust His hand. Our times are in His hands and He knows the very hour of our appointment. Are you still waiting to see His promise?

My friend, be encouraged with His Words, “But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.”

Those that wait upon Him will never grown weary, those that believe in Him will surely believe in His promises, and those with faith will one day see the promise fulfilled. I, my friend, do testify to this fact.

Walking with my Lord in the Silence,



  1. Waiting is truly hard, but in the process He has made you stronger and given you a more powerful testimony. I am praying for you both and will continue to as you fight the good fight in India.


  2. Praying for God to go before you and light your way. Lifting you, Debra and Rodney before the Lord as you walk in obedience to Him.


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