“The Lord’s Prayer”

I’ve shared that my favorite hymns speak as my deepest prayers. Those hymns of old, written and inspired by the words of sacred scriptures, hold forth the depth of praying in the Word of God. Oh, how close can we be with our Lord when praying in the Word!

The most common and well-known prayer of our Christian faith is The Lord’s Prayer. It is a prayer that is recited on Sundays in churches, at burials for our dead, and I remember that at one time, not too many years ago, I recited The Lord’s Prayer with my classmates in publics school to start the day.

Do you notice that I use the word, “recited”…not “pray”?

I believe the word “recite” fits the occasion when this prayer is said in crowds of people for too often they become words that are merely repeated without any time taken to reflect upon what is being said, and thus it can hardly be called praying.

Have you ever sang The Lord’s Prayer? Have you ever experienced this prayer where your whole being is absorbed in it? I share this with you as I have found myself deeply affected when I sing this prayer…affected so deeply that I weep as the words linger, and I absorb each and every thought that takes me into my Father’s holy presence.

This prayer gives me the assurance that my Lord is in control in every aspect of my life, from the smallest of the small to the biggest of the mega. And with that it gives me the courage to pour out my needs to Him. Give us this day our daily bread…forgive us our debt…lead us not into temptation…deliver us from evil.

It shows me the power that is behind the Divine protection in knowing that Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory forever! And when I sing this prayer from the Holy Word of God I know that I am connected to the one true and living God and that I have entered into His very presence.

Friend, seize the opportunity to pray in a very powerful way by singing The Lord’s Prayer. Let your whole being be washed with each word as you raise your voice to the King of Kings who has personally given you the words with which to come before Him!

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